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Between Woods
-for Toru Takemitsu

The sketches and concepts of Between Woods were composed in a wooden cabin in the mountain near Concord, I was walking around the villages and forest, engaging with the lives and feeling their pulses, living by myself surrounding with few essential living elements.



The form is an unlimited timeless circulation, touching through the surroundings 

with path and breath in that moment, celebrating the life reflected by the moment, parts as main characters on inner self, timeless living component (in here camp fire), and the surroundings that interpenetrate.

           Between Woods (2020)


            Breathing of solitude

            Respond by the resonance

            of woods’ life density

            Energy, Breath, Lives, Cracks

            Fire, went in layers

            breaking the breath

            taking apart but creates pulse

            The reflection sound from nature

            river flows, burning woods

            taken the act of breath.

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