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A Ritual of Ding

"A Ritual of Ding" is a piece on Chinese alchemical process that emphasizes the placement of the Ding vessel and the accompanying ritual as crucial components of the preparation.

Shinya Lin - Scripts, Synth, Live Processing

Loy Luo - Voice

Calvin Chang - Live Processing

Presented by Chaospace, "Controlled Chaotic Series."

Premiered in L-Private Gallery

“A Ritual of Ding”, an enchanting electronic music composition that explores the symbolism and significance of the ancient Chinese Ding caldron. This piece of music is not only inspired by the Ding's historical and cultural significance but also incorporates elements of the ancient Chinese text "Cantong Qi" which instructs the aspects of alchemy.


The Ding is a bronze vessel that was considered a symbol of power and prosperity in ancient China, and was often used in rituals and ceremonies. This piece of music pays homage to this historical artifact, taking listeners on a sonic journey that evokes the rich cultural heritage of China.


With its intricate layers of sound, pulsating beats and ethereal melodies, this electronic piece draws inspiration from the text and explores the positioning of Ding as a symbol of the union between heaven and earth, and the creation of the alchemical elixir.


Through its sonic exploration of the Ding, this composition takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the realm of alchemy, with each sound and timbre conveying the spiritual and transformative power of this ancient practice.


images from《道藏》第20冊

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