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^Francisco Mela (left) & Shinya Lin (right)

Shinya Lin is a contemporary music performer-composer and pianist based in New York. Most recent he collaborated with legendary drummer Francisco Mela with the album “Motions” on 577 Records of improvised music and received a 4 stars review on DownBeat magazine. He performs an array of music, including European classical music, contemporary classical, jazz, improvised music, and electronic music. As a pianist/prepared pianist, he draws on strong influences from John Cage and Cecil Taylor, to accept whatever it comes, there is only enjoyment, exploring soundscapes triggered by life and nature. Shinya was classically trained, and had performed Prokofiev piano concerto No.3 with The Florida Orchestra in March 2018. Shinya started stepping into improvised music deeply and developed his personal musical ideas during his studying at Berklee College of Music, ‘being present’ is a huge step he works toward music, for him, music is inseparable from the ordinary lifestyle, people gathered and connected, naturally, and began to realize the idea of life; Shinya is currently in Master of Music Performer-Composer program at The New School, and began creative path with New York artists.

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