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^Francisco Mela (left) & Shinya Lin (right)


Shinya Lin is a performer, composer, and improvisor. He is also a co-founder of Chaospace, a community that supports the curation of Asian artists in New York City. Shinya's musical style encompasses various genres, including new music, jazz, improvisation, and electroacoustic music. He focuses on playing the piano, prepared piano, and electronics, drawing inspiration from artists such as John Cage and Cecil Taylor. He believes in embracing whatever comes as a consequence of life and finding enjoyment in exploring the soundscape informed by life and nature. Shinya places great emphasis on "being present" in his music, as it is inseparable from ordinary life. He believes that music brings people together and helps them connect naturally, leading to a realization of life's purpose. Shinya graduated from Berklee College of Music and now holds a Master of Music degree from The New School's Performer-Composer program. He has embarked on a creative path, collaborating with various art communities in New York.

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