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''Accept whatever it comes, listen to the very life we are living, there is only the enjoyment of life.''


Best thing I love about music is the power of connection, purely love and life. People are always searching the space, the higher connection that is indescribable by words, everyone has their universes, music creates life forces that bring our spirits together, and we breath in the human pulses, music and art are inseparable from life, we search for that power, thus connect with other in the most natural way, when we are engaged with ‘present’, we are ‘living’, no matter a person plays instrument or not, as long as they are willing to be a part of the music, they are involved, and they are part of the creation. ​The ordinary lifestyle of celebrating everything in every life is interconnected, vibrating via the body to the world, breathing through life energy and motions, realizing the body of nature, feeling the pulses from the ground, and embracing the sounds.           

My musical practices include performance, composition, improvisation, electronics, and music technology; on basis of building up strong fundamentals and recognizing traditions, then expanding upon it personally and executing what comes through me. Importantly, the essence of life is the focus among my musical approaches: generating music from life encounters and inspirations, and recognitions of the sounds and pulses from ordinary surroundings.


Social Problems

In a society that is full of rapid information and resources, full of distractions from tittytainment separate people from living the very life, and social constructs that swirl people into categories -- being aware is essential, but how about being involved? As an artist, my practice has been more on seeing the whole world, outside of the social constructs, not being involved in the swirl but being aware of how I could contribute to humanity. Everything in every life is essential, everyone has their characters and being of interpenetration, dependent originated from emptiness nature, emptiness nature originated dependently; being an artist, providing the community and world life of being, connecting and improving humanities, the important things we should do are keeping cultural development, evolving minds on humanity, inheriting cultural traditions thus record them and pass on to the generations, researching and engaging lives with the golden mean. As four essential life teaching of Confucius: 文wen (literature, knowledge, humanities), 行xing (virtue of life, the life accomplishment of serving humanity), 忠zhong (devotions on humanities and serving communities), 信xin (honesty, trust). Strongly extending the teaching of humanities and minds, not being swallowed into a history swirl that keep repeating itself, even that, humanities must improve instead of eliminated in order to serve the communities, and in my case arts and music, are part of my body that extended to contribute to serve the humanity.


Giving ourselves to nature and humanity, the moment we breathe in immediately, we feel life itself. After that, we are open to everything, compassionate to one another, and then willing to love others—- "giving", dedicating the self with no ego as well as no takes, just giving and embracing, like Mother Nature.


By confronting nature, Takemitsu once mentioned: "Is it myself becoming the tree, or the tree is becoming me?" I love going on self-trips bathing in confronting nature, feeling the pulses between us and surroundings, linking the relationship between human and nature, owing to the ordinary life that connected to every sound that are surrounding, the liveness forces interactions within timeless pulses, and the egoless beings as a whole one. 


In my progress of studying ancient Chinese texts, the philosophy sincerely opened up my sources for interpreting the world’s happening, and the sense of life without attachments; by connecting to surroundings, creating a lifestyle with compassion and a free mind to enjoy what we have; more importantly, the mindsets and logistics from ancient Chinese languages revealed familiarities with my cultural roots and expanded my lifestyle to an ongoing practice. 

Inspired by the studies and put into personal works, the Chinese book of change ‘I Ching’ is one of my lifelong research studies. By understanding its texts and history, I Ching has mainly focused on the sensations of world’s happenings and accepting whatever arises; be aware of the world’s nature and surroundings at all times, be observing and exploring to reveal the phenomenon. Furthermore, to realize every living, to recognize the interconnection between life and surroundings, and to accept the interpenetrations of life experiences and actions; thus, we see the liveness constantly resonating with the present, and further knowing and seeing the upcoming phenomenon of the world, and the changes in human society. 

However, inherent to humanity is the ability to improve via love and compassion-not only toward each other, but toward the whole interconnecting universe. Therefore, my musical practices focus on spatial breath, deeply and slowly, via a soundscape walking through places with lives, walking to ordinary life and surroundings that we encounter, becoming more aware to the happenings, and embracing what we have with love and compassion, to see the life itself celebrates.

Music vs Life

There is too much music in life; there must be more life in music. Nowadays music has become functional parts that inform life, playing so-called sad music to receive and boost the sad moods, listening to loud beats music to get themselves energetic, thus becoming a classical conditioning system from music to life, people losing self-abilities to gain expressions and emotions, instead people getting “informed” expressions and emotions, as stimulants that make up a lifestyle based on information; in the case of music, people has been conditioned on the treatments of music in the way as consuming functions, as being caffeinated and keep them working, the sounds or music that distracted people from the swirl of consuming are being alienated as noises or inaccessible. It is not my purpose to deny functional or furniture music, although it is essentials of society just as simple as tissue papers. But, I would suggest the improvements of awareness, waking up to the very life we are living, by realizing the beauty of sounds and life -- music is the full experience of body vibrations, rather than functionalizing it, we see the life itself vibrates with pulses. 

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