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The surroundings of life forces, the places connected to my inner side, the breath that takes in ordinary life. 


“MA” included places that I have been on a self-trip to, a sole journey that reinforce the life pulses, to accept whatever it comes, there is only the enjoyment of life. Inhale the love and compassion to life, exhale the fear, insecurity, the social constructs, and any barriers that pull us out from the life itself. “MA” in here has two meaning, in Japanese describing the space of life, and a pause in time, the space in between two sounds, firstly I was inspired by Takemitsu’s visions; the other meaning is Massachusetts, where most of the pieces took place from, and it was the place that I found my life path and developed my inner sounds.


In this solo trip, I have realized the breath of life, the interconnection between life and surroundings, the interpenetrations of life experiences, the liveness resonated with the present. 


The original title of this project was meant to be ‘Solitude’, but during this affirming trip I have learned from becoming with the universe, feeling the lives and energies, to a point that we are oneness as a whole, celebrating the life at every moment.

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Purpose -

The inner practice is essential in humanity, in a world that history kept repeating itself, society turned into chaotic places, what human has ability to improve are love and compassion, not only to each other, but as a whole inter-penetrating with the universe. “MA” provides spatial breath, deeply and slowly, via a soundscape walking through places with lives, walking to an ordinary life and surrounding that we encounter, become more aware to the happenings, embrace what we have with the love and compassion, to see the life itself celebrates.

Musical studies and approaches – 


The instrumentation consisted of Prepared piano, bass, and drum set. One of the main studies of prepared piano for me is the treatment of the sounds, percussion verses timbres, and this project mainly treating of timbres, applying sounds as part of the body of the spectrum. 


Every piece has different compositional methods and approaches related to how I explored the places and the place itself geographically, the living surrounded, the village and communities, the life style happening, and the sounds that were introduced. 


Most pieces have a non-specified time structure, but I was imagining a 20mins-40mins bracket, some could go more than hours, even forever circulating, though instructions and notations are fairly detailed, they all require heavy improvisations, they contained improvising on: time, structures, techniques, forms, material selections, space, preparations, the choice of sounds, etc.


Walden – for Henry David Thoreau:


Walden was inspired by Thoreau and the place he lived for years Walden Pond, as I been on a trip, most of the time I was walking, feeling the ground and life, touring through places all by steps and breath. Reading the book ‘Walden’ by Thoreau expanding the life of self-reliance and solitude, living in the woods thus breath the natural pulses, with no engagements of social constructs, a total inner world with nature. 



The structure based on how I walked through the pond, I engaged with the surroundings reflect to the huge inner pond, walking through the trails and grounds, breathing with the trees and lives, feeling the pulses of life that took me further. It was Thoreau’s house and the railroads hidden behind the pond taking me with strong engagements, that was included in a point that I heard the life forces knocking, and the natural life engaged again. 

Patterns or themes? By including few kinds of walking patterns, that will take us touching the ground, breathing with the pulses triggering surroundings through the scenes, and the reflection of surroundings will carry and celebrate the life forces.

                Between Woods – for Toru Takemitsu:


The sketches and concepts of Between Woods were composed in a wooden cabin in the mountain near Concord, I was walking around the villages and forest, engaging with the lives and feeling their pulses, living by myself surrounding with few essential living elements.



The form is an unlimited timeless circulation, touching through the surroundings 

with path and breath in that moment, celebrating the life reflected by the moment, parts as main characters on inner self, timeless living component (in here camp fire), and the surroundings that interpenetrate.

           Between Woods (2020)


            Breathing of solitude

            Respond by the resonance

            of woods’ life density

            Energy, Breath, Lives, Cracks

            Fire, went in layers

            breaking the breath

            taking apart but creates pulse

            The reflection sound from nature

            river flows, burning woods

            taken the act of breath.



A lively village besides the ocean, light house, layered rocks, sea lives, tiny and delicate local shops, human beings around the ocean, sounds of the wave, winds, and rocks. Silence vibrates with the breathing of pulses; winds touch through lively beings affirming life becoming oneness.



Rockport was inspired and using ‘gamut’ method from Cage, structure was written based on how I walked through the scene, the theme was introduced in a setting then carried on to fragments that performer was given materials and they were asked to improvise on the route approaching the fragments as choosing the scenes and objects to observe and connect.

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          Rock (2020)


           Intervallic, in between

           wave force; collide

           textures, movements, life

           erode, cover

           interaction, color, sounds,

           freedom, living pattern, breath


On Hills – for John Cage:


Rituals on the trails, walking on hills through the path of life, every step connected to gravity, penetrating to the body and through the energy. Blue Hills reservation has complicated various trail routes, with map that included the level of each route, also in colored for its complexity of slopes. Walkers trigger the scenery while exploring, touching, and observing, as if a place that is giving the energy and healing the lives, touching and connecting everyone with their own stories, giving the life and embracing the forces.



On Hills has all notated elements and improvising on time brackets, scores are informed by the trails map of Blue Hills reservation, based on the routes, structures, and complexities of the trails. Piano part has a role of mother nature, giving the pulses of life, observing the people on the ground, thus interpenetrating with their stories; bass part was inspired by Cage’s stone sketches, thus I used stones to draw out the path and structuralized the sounds and routes; drum part is informed by the complexities of the trails, time brackets were given, with fixed timbre that constantly awakening the walkers.



Cutler Park, an adventure deeply seeing through my inner side, the feet fear of solitary on the winter wasteland, a period that things have overgrown and not finding itself a secured state. A deadly bleeding dear head in the wild showing life impermanency, and the risks we are constantly stepping, after the inner wildness there came a hill that shows the life and interconnections, on top of an evolved humanity there’s the virtue of land, the life of acceptance and compassion, seeing merely the enjoyment of life.



Cutler using notations as a board of map, mapping out the structures and where the materials are corresponding to, as I walked through different scenes, also being enlightened with various phases, each scene has character sounds and not intending to merge with the next scene, everything is interconnected, at last moving to a hill that the whole landscape is introduced, an optimistic mind was developed.

In Forest


Needham Town Forest, Forest Hills, and other forests, brimming of natural lives, especially bird calls with certain pulses, they interconnect, feel, and celebrate as a oneness with nature. Roots and ground penetrate life forces and bring pulses to lives.



In Forest consist of graphic scores including selective materials for both drums and prepared piano, brimming the natural lives; bass part has a root with tree structure, branching out and extending, but living connectedly, leading and triggering the surroundings.

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