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Night Walker

"Night Walker" introduced a roaming person in the night, simultaneously pondering, wandering, confronting, comforting, hopping with exciting acts, quenching the exploding minds, seeking for the meaning of being, watching their own breathing, engaging with surroundings, and triggering the scenes while observing.

Night Walker -

A free improvised theme with the scene walking alone in a hazy night.

Wandering -

A walker wondering both mentally and physically on the night street, slowly dissolving into a realizing mindset, floating the air with breathing body, and starting the route again.

Hoppin' -

Energized! Unknown life forces springing! (onomatopoeia)...

"Where is mind?" "I am just going, walking..? zigzagging"


"Minds .. Breath... another mind, thoughts, what is now, 'me' forming, hurry! I'm going I'm going


Roaring(inner), Roaming(body)

crawling, growing, going..going!!

I am one, I am back.


Piano - Shinya Lin 
Bass - Makoto Ishizaka 
Drums - Gen Yoshimura 
Producing/Mixing/Mastering/Publishing - Reagan Li (LM Proud.)​

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