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One for JACK

for Jack Quartet

excerpt from IV. 間(jian)  played by JACK Quartet

One for JACK is a strings quartet piece written for JACK Quartet, there are four movements consist of: conventional notations, graphic notations, text notations, and symbolic notations. This piece examined ways of interpretations and communications, each movement has a theme carried onto its soundscape.

I. Room of exhibitions

Room of exhibitions was a graphic piece composed visually, the notated interpretation was merely one interpretation of mine, I prefer leaving an open-ended space for interpretations that connect to their honest instinct. In this conventional writing I examined a way of me interpretating the objects, how they are interconnecting, and how they fill and merge into parts.


Õ has examined a more vocalized soundscape, connecting instruments to human    body and voices, opening up the interpretation a little bit, and connect to graphical information, introducing some asemic texts that carry on later in the third movement.

III. Asemic

Asemic, non-words words, text piece in a game-piece structure, with various colors initiate different way of interpretating, with conducting and assigning numbers opened up inter-structures, outside of instruments practice but human voices.

IV. 間(jian)  

間(jian) was inspired by the way ancient Chinese notating for the instrument “guqin”, ancient Chinese texts and characters are one of my main practices where a lot of symbolic texts were used, one character has different meaning depending on time, space, history, places and humanity culture at the time; in this case I use symbols as the main techniques with factors informing the sound details and time, with open-ended space of choices expanded the overall soundscapes.

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